The latest sentiment survey from the ASTL reveals that members continue to be confident about both the sector and their own businesses, and that this positivity has grown since last quarter.

The majority (78%) of members expect their business turnover to grow, with two thirds (63%) expecting the same of the bridging finance sector as a whole. In addition, they are very positive about the prospects of providing short term finance to SME housebuilders – 93% believe this is a growth area.

However, members are slightly less sanguine about the long-term future prospects of the UK economy, positivity has decreased from 50% in December 2017 to 43%. No less than 52% are unsure and only 11% are negative. This is likely due to the protracted nature of the Brexit negotiations combined with the rise in inflation which in turn is likely to lead to higher interest rates.

Members are split about the direction of property prices, with 52% expecting slight growth and 48% expecting prices to fall. They are lukewarm about the potential impact of the Spring Statement, with 48% neutral and 19% negative.

The ASTL positivity index, made up of a number of factors, continues its steady growth from mid-last year:


Benson Hersch, CEO of the ASTL, says “Whilst I remain cautious about future prospects for the UK in a very uncertain world, in which the economic climate can change overnight, members are confident that they will continue to prosper. The use of bridging as a financial tool, both for property transactions and for other business purposes is now well-established.”


Press Release April 2018