Is the short-term lending market robust enough to deal with the fall out from Brexit?

12 December 2018

Blog by Jonathan Newman, Senior Partner at Brightstone Law

What a mess! Most people provisioned for uncertainty, not many for huge internal political chaos, but that’s where we are. Theresa May and Jose Mourinho have more than you think in common. Both have risen to the top, both have earned and deserve respect, both have found it too difficult to deal within and too difficult to assert themselves against those with whom they must now compete. Both it would seem, have taken on impossible tasks.

So as at this week, we still don’t know whether Brexit is happening and if it is, whether it shall be soft, hard or something in between.

Most will acknowledge the outcome for the country as a whole is uncertain. The majority believe, in the short term at least, there is likely to be disadvantageous economic consequences. I do not disagree with that view.

But that is a broad assessment. What about the short-term lending space in particular?

I believe short-term lending is better placed than most to best withstand the negative impact of Brexit, whatever its form. I say this for the following reasons:

So we are all in for a rocky road. Exits will become trickier and an adverse economic climate will impact on employment and serviceability. But if there is one part of the financial services sector which is better placed to cope – it may just be this one – a sector which has shown itself in the past, able to react quickly and commercially. I certainly hope so.

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